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‘Lucy Costigan's works are as valuable and enthralling in my own spiritual growth as anything I’ve laid eyes on in a long time. As a writer, she has engaged and inspired me. What more could one possibly want from a great book?’ - Mary Helen Hensley, author of  The Promised Trilogy.
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Heart-warming story on a winter's evening, 10 Dec 2014*****
The novel, 'Winter Solstice' gets to the heart of all the ups and downs and intense feelings that people often experience in relationships. Through its characters the story offers a way to find healing and meaning, even after loss and heartache. I love the way the book is set in Newgrange, waiting for dawn on the Winter Solstice. The atmosphere created makes me want to be there, standing in the cold and dark, waiting for something magical to happen, if only the sun will enter the chamber at dawn. I have given this book to several of my friends to read and they all loved it too. The only problem was I couldn't get it back from them to read it again! Also I enjoyed the references to the music of the ‘80s and all the Dublin scenes described, as Marion and Peter sauntered around the cafes and pubs in Dublin City. Sharon -


Winter Solstice: A Novel


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