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Welcome to Enlighten Publishing, Wexford, Ireland


ISBN: 978-0-9930188-0-0

Paperback - Fiction

Pages: 200

Product Dimensions:

20.3 x 13.3 x 1.3 cm

Date of Publishing:

September 2014

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  Meet Our Team:

The EP Team


Back Row: Anthony Costigan (Story consultant), Anthony E. Walsh (Media Spokesperson), Michael Cullen (Graphic Designer)
Front Row: Lucy Costigan (Editor and Author) Theresa Cullen  (Sales and Marketing Manager)


Enlighten Publishing comprises of Lucy Costigan, sister Theresa Cullen, nephew, Michael Cullen, brother Anthony, and associate, Tony Walsh. Lucy and Michael already had success with ‘Strangest Genius: The Life and Work of Harry Clarke’, that was shortlisted for Best Irish-Published Book by the Irish Book Awards in 2010. Lucy’s recent book, ‘Glenveagh Mystery’, a biography of Harvard professor who disappeared mysteriously in 1933, was a national bestseller in 2012 and is currently being made into a film by Lugh Films. Michael Cullen is a well-known photographer in Wexford Town who has recently set up a photography studio, Irish Images.

Theresa Cullen, Sales and Marketing Manager with Enlighten Publishing, has also created a unique collection of jewellery to accompany the book, called Solstice Jewellery. Anthony Costigan, songwriter and musician, is story consultant. Tony Walsh of NM Proactive Solutions is media spokesperson for the firm. He is also currently writing a book with Lucy on the topic of suicide, where they are developing a new perspective for understanding suicide and unnecessary human pain.


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Enlighten Publishing aims to publish books that enlighten, inspire, challenge and entertain readers.